CA14 - Business Systems Analysis - 5 Days

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Course Details

Introduction to Business Analysis
The Origins of Business Analysis.
The Development of Business Analysis.
Scope of Business Analysis Work.
Strategic Analysis and Definition.
Holistic Approach.
Role & Responsibilities of Business Analyst.
Guiding Principles for Business Analysis.
Analyst Required Skills.

Development Processes
Extended 'V' Model.
Spiral Model.
Rapid Application Development.
Rational Unified Process.
Agile Approaches.
Business Analysis Life Cycle.

Strategy Analysis
Definition of Strategy.
PESTLE Analysis.
Porter's Five Forces Model.
MOST Analysis.
Boston Box.
SWOT Analysis.

Preliminary Investigation
Gathering Information – Prior Research, Interviews.
Ishikawa Diagrams.
Rich Pictures.
Mind Maps.
Feasibility Study.
Initial Business Case.

Requirements Elicitation
Requirements Engineering.
Fact Finding.
Facilitated Workshops.
Formal Observation, Protocol Analysis, Shadowing, Ethnographic Studies.
Quantitative Approaches:
• Questionnaires.
• Special-purpose Records.
• Activity Sampling.
• Document Analysis.

Requirements Engineering
Building the Requirements List.
Requirements Analysis.
Requirements Filters.
Confirming Quality.
SMART Requirements.
Validating Requirements.
The Requirements Document.
The Requirements Catalogue.
Types of Requirements.
Managing Requirements.

Use Case Modelling
Use Case Diagram Notation.
Use Case Documentation.

Process Modelling
Functional Decomposition Diagrams.
Data Flow Diagrams.
Context Diagrams.
Lower Level DFD Notation.
Data Dictionary.
Process Description Techniques.
Modular Design.
Structured English.
Decision Tables.
Decision Trees.

Data Modelling
Entity-Relationship Diagrams.
Entities and Attributes.
Primary Key Types.
Relationships and Cardinality.
Many-To-Many Relationships.
Relationship Names.
Foreign Keys.
Null Value Attributes.
Mutually Exclusive Relationships.
Data Model Development.

Development Options
Requirements Document.
Web-Based Software Trends.
Software Outsourcing Options.
In-House Software Development.
Software Packages.
Defining Options.
Impact Assessment.
Risk Assessment.

Financial Analysis
Business Analysis Life Cycle.
Classifying Costs and Benefits.
Payback Period.
Return on Investment.
Net Present Value.
Internal Rate of Return.
Benefits Realisation.

Guidelines for Successful Communication.
Written Communication.
Oral Presentations.
Effective Speaking Techniques.

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