DB30 - DB2 z/OS Version 11 Transition - 2 Days

Course Description

This course is aimed at Systems Programmers, Programmers and DBA's who need to understand the new features and facilities of DB2 Version 11. This lecture based course covers all of the new features in detail.


A strong working knowledge of DB2 Version 10 is required to attend this course.


The lectures apply to DB2 running in a z/OS environment.


For on-site courses (i.e. at your premises), we are more than happy to tailor the course agenda to suit your exact requirements. In many cases, we are able to build your in-house standards and naming conventions into the delivered course.

Course Details

Extended RBA and LRSN
Log RBA / LRSN Format
Conversion to New Log Format - Steps
Conversion to 10 Byte RBA / LRSN Format
10 Byte RBA / LRSN Format - Considerations
Permitted Number of Open Datasets (DSMAX)

Pending Changes Recap - Version 10
Recovery of Objects after Pending Changes Applied
Pending Changes - Recovery Example
Pending Changes - Running Modify Recovery
Pending Changes - Recovery Considerations
Restrictions between PIT Recovery and Reorg
Partition Limit Key Enhancement
Partition Limit Key Example
Partition Limit Key Alteration Considerations
Workfile Database Enhancements
The Wfstguse_Agent_Threshold Parameter
The Wfstguse_System_Threshold Parameter
Compression Dictionary – Replication Enhancement
Drop Column Support
Drop Column - Reorg Considerations
Drop Column - Recover Considerations
Drop Column - Restrictions
Defer Define Object Enhancements
Breaking Into Release Deallocate Threads

Global Variables
Qualifying Global Variables
Global Variables - Scope
Stored Procedures - Array Data Type for SQL/PL
Ordinary Arrays
Associative Arrays
The Array_Agg Function
Arrays - New Built-In Functions
Passing Arrays - Examples
Sequences - Recap
Create Sequence Syntax - Recap
Aliases for Sequences
Temporal Tables - Recap
System Temporal Tables - Recap
System Temporal Tables and Versioning - Recap
System Temporal Tables - Data Access - Recap
Application Controlled Temporal Tables - Recap
Business Temporal Tables - Data Selection - Recap
Temporal Special Registers
Temporal Special Registers - Bind Options
Temporal Support on Views
Declared Temporary Tables - Recap
Declared Temporary Table - Commit Behaviour
Declared Temporary Tables - Logging Enhancement
Not Logged Temporary Tables - Undo Processing
Declared Temporary Tables and Thread Reuse
Group By Clause - Review
New Group By Features
Group By Grouping Sets
Group By Rollup
The Grouping Function
Group By Cube
Like_Blank_Insignificant Dsnzparm

Ensuring Application Compatibility
Archive Tables
Archive Table Control
Archive Table Considerations
Archive Table / Temporal Table Comparisons
Apache Hadoop Support for Big Data
Distributed Enhancements
Other Enhancements

Xquery Support
XPath Terminology
XQuery Introduction
FLWOR Constructs
XML Document used in Examples
FLWOR Constructs – Example
FLWOR Expressions with XMLExists
FLWOR Expressions with Formatted Output
FLWOR Constructs – WHERE Clause
FLWOR Constructs – RETURN Clause
FLWOR Constructs – Built In Functions
Selecting Nodes
Specifying XPath Predicates
Xml Performance Enhancements
Xml Flwor Query Rewrite

Excluding NULL Keys from an Index
General Performance Enhancements
Pseudo Deleted Rows - Index Entry Cleanup
Row Relocation Enhancement

Parallel Processing of Utilities - PARAMDEG_UTIL
Online Reorg Enhancements
Reorg - Build2 Removal - Recap
Partition Level Reorg Enhancement
Reorg - SWITCH Phase Enhancements
Reorg - New Switchtime Parameter
Reorg - Removal of Empty Partitions
Reorg - Mapping Table Recap
Reorg - Mapping Table Enhancements
Reorg - Mapping Table Behaviour
Reorg - Removal of Sort Option
Reorg - Partition Level Inline Image Copy
Reorg - Listdef Parallelism Enhancement
Reorg - Rebalance Enhancements
Runstats Enhancements
Backup and Recovery Enhancements
Load Parallelism Enhancement
Display Utility Enhancement
Utility Template Enhancement
Dsn1copy Enhancement
Repair Enhancement

Enhancements for Exit Authorization Checking
New Bind / Rebind Authorisation Option
Column Masks -Recap
Activating Column Masks - Recap
Column Masking Enhancements

GBP Write Around – GBP Avoidance
Improved Castout Processing
Restart Light with Castout
Locking Enhancements
Index Availability and Performance

Course Format

The course is purely lecture based and contains no practical exercises. A comprehensive Student Guide is supplied which contains detailed documentation of the new version together with many syntax examples where relevant. Delegates will also be able to access a free help-line with technical questions relating to topics covered on the course.

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