EC53 - XML / Java Programming Workshop - 2 Days

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Course Description

This course is designed for Java and web developers who are already familiar with XML and are looking to further their web application development skills with Java and XML. The course covers how Java can be used to validate, parse, transform and create XML documents.


The developer should be familiar with the Windows host environment. Knowledge of the Java programming language is required, as Java is used to validate and manipulate XML documents. This can be gained by attending course EC21 and EC22. A knowledge of XML is also required. This can be gained by attending course EC51.


Whilst covering the basics of Java and XML, and how it is used, this course also aims to give an insight into the different standards and formats for validating, transforming and creating XML documents.

On completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Validate and transform XML documents using SAX 2.0
  • Validate and transform XML documents using DOM 2.0
  • Validate and transform XML documents using the XSLT API
  • Validate and transform XML documents using the JDOM API


XML development will be performed using a text editor:

  • Notepad or TextPad
  • XML Spy

A web browser such as:

  • Internet Explorer or
  • Firefox or
  • Opera or
  • Chrome

A Java IDE such as:

  • Eclipse
  • IntelliJ
  • NetBeans
  • Websphere Studio Application Developer
  • Rational Application Developer
  • JBuilder
  • Java Development Kit (JDK) plus a text editor


For on-site courses (i.e. at your premises), we are more than happy to tailor the course agenda to suit your exact requirements. In many cases, we are able to build your in-house standards and naming conventions into the delivered course.

On-site course enquiry (from £165 pp per day)

Course Details

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The Simple API for XML - SAX
The Document Object Model - DOM
When to use the SAX and the DOM

The Java SAX Packages
Creating a SAX Parser
SAX Parser Factory
Creating the SAX Class
Importing the required Classes
Setting Up the Parser
Implementing the ContentHandler Interface
Writing the XML Output
Identifying the Document Location
Passing Processing Instructions to the Parser
Validating Parsers
Handling Errors
Fatal Errors
Catching a SAXParseException
Catching a SAXException
Handling a SAXPException
Non Fatal Errors
Handling Non Fatal Errors
Handling Warnings
Schema Validation
Tracking Ignorable Whitespace
Switching Special Characters
Implementing Interfaces
DTDHandler Interface
EntityResolver Interface
Converting from SAX 1.0 to SAX 2.0

Creating a DOM Parser
Importing the Required Classes
Setting Up the Parser
Handling Errors
Displaying a DOM Hierarchy
Node Translation
Navigating the DOM Hierarchy
Generating a DOM from First Principles
Converting from DOM 1.0 to DOM 2.0

XSLT Packages
Transforming a DOM Into an XML Document
Transforming a DOM Subset

What Is JDOM ?
Why Use JDOM ?
The JDOM Packages and Classes
Processing a JDOM Document
Outputting a JDOM Document
Creating an XML Document
Formatting an XML Document
Reading Parts of a Document

XML Futures
XML Web Sites

Course Format

Practical sessions make up a large part of the course, allowing delegates to demonstrate and reinforce the lectures given. During these sessions the delegate will gain experience of coding both SAX and DOM parsers to validate and parse XML documents.

Examples are used extensively, ranging from simple code snippets to full applications with complete 'real world' functionality. These are supplied at the start of the course and it is encouraged that the delegates execute and 'experiment' with these under the instructor's guidance as they are introduced.

These examples are available to take away, along with the delegate's own work.

The comprehensive Student Guide supplied is fully indexed serving as a useful reference tool long after the course has finished. Delegates will also be able to access a free help-line with technical questions relating to topics covered on the course.


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