DN35 - Windows Workflow Foundation Development - 3 Days

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Course Description

Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) is Microsoft's strategic vision for creating applications to model workflows and long-running business processes. This course provides comprehensive coverage of WF 4., explaining how to implement best-of-breed workflow solutions using .NET technology.


Solid C# experience.


What you will learn:

  • Understanding workflow concepts
  • Implementing flowchart and parallel workflows
  • Working with arguments and exceptions
  • Interacting with the client
  • Persistence and service integration
  • Implementing compensation behaviour
  • Additional workflow techniques


For on-site courses (i.e. at your premises), we are more than happy to tailor the course agenda to suit your exact requirements. In many cases, we are able to build your in-house standards and naming conventions into the delivered course.

On-site course enquiry (from £165 pp per day)

Course Details

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Getting Started with WF
Overview of workflow principles
Using the Workflow Designer
Variables and flow control
WF versions

Implementing a workflow in code
Overview of code workflows
Creating a workflow in code
Adding activities in code

Alternative Workflow Techniques
Creating flowchart workflows
Doing work in parallel

Building Flexible and Robust Workflows
Passing simple arguments
Passing objects
Exception handling

Defining Custom Activities
Overview of custom activities
Creating a custom activity
Using a custom activity
Invoking methods

Client Interactions
Invoking a workflow asynchronously
Non-blocking client interaction
Interactions between WF and WPF

Persistent Workflows
Overview of persistence
Configuring the persistence database
Configuring persistence for a workflow

Service Integration
Overview of WCF
Creating a workflow service
Testing a workflow service

Going Further with Services
Configuring multiple endpoints
Using structured messages
Consuming services from a workflow

Getting started with tracking
Defining a file tracking participant
Defining a SQL tracking participant
Using the ETW tracking participant

Using transactions in WF
Nested transactions
Flowing transactions into a workflow service

Compensation, Confirmation, and Cancellation
The need for compensation
Implementing compensation


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