DN23 - ASP.NET Web Development - 3 Days

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Course Description

When Microsoft introduced ASP.NET, they revolutionized Web development. The clean separation between Web design and code-behind implementation classes brings some much-needed structure and discipline to Web applications, and gives full access to the power of the .NET Framework class library. This course takes a close look at ASP.NET, and also provides an overview of ASP.NET MVC and the Web API for REST Web services.


6 months experience of C# programming. Familiarity with HTML is advantageous but not essential.


What you will learn:

  • Understand ASP.NET application structure
  • Navigating between pages
  • Managing state effectively
  • Data binding
  • Using rich data controls
  • Creating custom user controls and server controls
  • Overview of MVC and Web API


For on-site courses (i.e. at your premises), we are more than happy to tailor the course agenda to suit your exact requirements. In many cases, we are able to build your in-house standards and naming conventions into the delivered course.

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Course Details

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Introduction to ASP.NET
Evolution of ASP.NET Web development
Websites and Web Projects
Designing Web pages in Visual Studio 2012
Understanding code-behind files
Running/debugging a Web application

Understanding Web Forms
Adding controls to a Web form
The ASP.NET event model
Web Forms processing stages
Overview of View state
Understanding requests and responses

Using ASP.NET Server Controls
Types of server controls
HTML server controls
Web controls
List controls
Validation controls
ASP.NET 4.5 validation features
Rich controls
Strongly-typed data controls
Model binding

Defining Themes and Master Pages
Overview of themes and skins
Using style sheets with themes
Creating and using master pages

Implementing Navigation Support
Programmatically connecting pages
Defining a sitemap
Displaying a sitemap

The ASP.NET Application Model
Application lifetime
Handling application events
Understanding web.config

State Management
View state
Query strings
Session state
Application state

Defining User Controls
Overview of user controls
Creating a user control
Adding code to a user control
Using a user control in a Web page

Defining Server Controls
Overview of server controls
Creating a server control
Defining adaptive rendering
Extending existing Web controls

Introduction to Data Access
.NET data providers
Connecting to a database
Connection strings in web.config
Executing a query
Processing a result set
Overview of DataSets

Data Binding
Single-value binding
Data source controls
Selecting and updating records
Rich data controls
Data services
Model binding

Client-side Scripting and Ajax
Script libraries and server callbacks
Accessing services

Overview of ASP.NET MVC
Controllers and actions
Creating and customizing views



Please be aware that due to COVID-19 we are not currently running public courses. However, most of our courses can be delivered over the web (with mainframe access where necessary).

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