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With 29 years of DB2 experience, Case Training can provide courses that range from a Programming Introduction through detailled SQL Performance and Tuning workshops to full DBA training.

Running DB2 courses at your site ensures that your staff are taught on your DB2 platform, using your Version incorporating your standards.

During our courses, the importance of good system performance is always stressed ensuring that delegates are able to build efficient DB2 systems.

Exploiting many of the recent DB2 new features can significantly improve performance, potentially leading to major CPU and cost savings.

Here are just some of the performance saving features introduced in recent releases:

  • using Rowsets to improve program performance
  • using batched inserts / updates to improve Java performance
  • using Universal Tablespaces
  • using Temporal Tables to automatically archive data, allowing 'point in time' access
  • using Clone Tables to improve data availability
  • using the Merge Statement instead of Insert / Update operations
  • using 'self updating' Row Change Timestamps to influence Optimistic Locking
  • creating Native SQL Stored Procedures
  • using LOB File Reference Variables allowing direct dataset / column data streaming
  • storing XML Documents
  • writing XML queries using XQuery / Xpath
  • adding additional Indexes to XML documents using XPath expressions

Please call us to discuss your specific requirements.

Click here for DB2 Programmer training path

Click here for DB2 DBA training path

Version Upgrade Courses
DB30 DB2 Version 11 Transition 2 Days
DB26 DB2 Version 10 Transition 2 Days
DB29 DB2 Version 10 Transition for Developers 1 Day
DB24 DB2 Version 9 Transition 2 Days
DB23 DB2 Version 9 Transition for Developers 1 Day
DB28 DB2 Version 9 & 10 Transition 3 Days
DB27 DB2 Version 8 & 9 Transition 3 Days
Courses for Developers
DB01 DB2 SQL Workshop and COBOL / PL1 Programming 5 Days
DB03 DB2 for COBOL / PL1 Developers 3 Days
DB14 DB2 for Assembler Developers 5 Days
DB12 DB2 for Java Developers 4 Days
GT08 REXX Programming Workshop (including ISPF Dialog Manager) 4 Days
DB10 File-AID for DB2 1 Day
DB13 DB2 Coding Stored Procedures using SQL/PL 2 Days
DB16 DB2 Stored Procedures & Functions Workshop 2 - 3 Days
DB19 DB2 Advanced Programming 2 Days
DB25 DB2 XML Workshop 1 Day
DB15 DB2 Programming with Large Objects 1 Days
DB09 DB2 Advanced SQL Workshop 2 Days
Design & Performance Courses
DB20 DB2 Database Design 3 Days
DB02 DB2 SQL Performance and Tuning 2 Days
DB04 DB2 Application Performance and Tuning 3 Days
Getting Started
DB00 Introduction to DB2 2 Days
DB06 QMF Workshop 1 Day
DB07 QMF / SQL Workshop 2 Days
DB08 DB2 SQL Workshop 2 Days
Database Administration
DB05 DB2 Database Administration Workshop 5 Days

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